Thursday, June 7, 2012

Personalized Washcloths

My best friend just recently had a baby...  and of course she wanted something with her sweet baby's name on it.  My initial intention was to embroider her name on several washcloths but when my embroidery machine barely made it thru the first one, I decided to move on to plan B. (I haven't completely gotten the whole embroidery machine thing down to a science 

As I mentioned in another of my posts my friend Andrea also has a blog Buttons Bowties and Bubbles and she made some Cute Towels.  So, I decided I needed to use the same method on these since I was having issues.  I think they turned out adorable. 

Basically, I used my Silhouette and cut out two coordinating fabrics.  I also used Silhouette's Fabric Interfacing which I would say is a definite must for this project and ironed on the fabric to the washcloths.  Then used my sewing machine and did a zigzag stitch around all of the edges. 

I LOVE the way they turned out!!!  


Pamela said...

These are SO cute!!

Dana Bunker said...

I LOVE the way these turned out! Too cute!

Your crafts are all so inspiring. I'm passing along the Sunshine Award to you.

Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said...

LOVE the way these turned out!! Adorable!!

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