Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Fun Movie Night

One thing that I remember as a child was going to drive-in movies with my brother and parents. It was always so much fun. The night air, popcorn, candy, and watching a great movie outside with the family I love so much!!!

I decided to attempt my own movie night! What actually got me on the outdoor movie kick was seeing all the fun movie nights that I've found on Pinterest, I am officially addicted and you can follow me HERE.  

First, I used several of the left over decorations from my daughter's Carnival Birthday Party.  Next, I made our very own "Now Showing Sign".  This was super easy... 

I purchased a frame from Hobby Lobby (used a 40% coupon) so it cost me just a tad over $5.00, used a piece of scrapbook paper I had in my stash for the inside of the frame, cut out "Now Showing" (in black vinyl) with my Silhouette placed it on the glass and used a dry erase marker to write the name of the movie we watched...  The Sandlot (one of my favorites from my childhood!).  I love that we can use it over and over.

While on my hunt to recreate the perfect summer movie night I ran across a new product... The 3M Pocket Projector at Target and had to have it.  Let me just say this projector is awesome!  It hooks up to the iPhone or iPad (we used the iPad) and projects the movies.   All I could imagine was the fun my daughter, neices, and nephews would have (while creating great memories for them).

So, I decided to show you today how to set up everything for your very own backyard movie night!  I don't know about you but I am not very tech savvy and thankfully with this, I didn't need to be.

Let me introduce you to the 3M Pocket Projector!!!

For the mount, we used a camera tripod and it worked perfectly. 

Once it is mounted, you will plug in the small side to the projector and the large side into the iPod or iPad.

This point is where the sound comes in and believe me you definitely need good sound outside.  On our 1st attempt we used some small speakers. (The machine has a built in speaker but for outside it wasn't enough)....  We could barely hear anything, so we decided to try something else - an amplifier.  It worked PERFECT!

However, we had to find an adapter to fit as the input was larger than the standard 3.5mm.  This is what the adapter looks like.

I did have to buy another 3.5mm Stereo Audio Cable but it was very inexpensive $6.00.

The 3.5mm Sterio Audo Cable goes into the adapter on one end and into the projector on the other end.

That's it!  Now everything is set up.... and ready to go!

My mom is a Photographer so we used one of her backdrops.  We actually just flipped it to the back white side and used that.  But there are a ton of tutorials out there of how to make your own movie screen...  Actually, one of the "Summer Camp Couselors" from last year gives a great Tutorial

The kids LOVED it and had the best time!!  I loved seeing them so excited!

See?  Perfect!!!  The whole night was exactly what I wanted for them.  I predict many more movie nights in the near future!!


Jenny @ The NY Melrose Family said...

So cute! We have a drive in nearby, but I love the idea of doing it at home. So fun to decorate for it!

Anonymous said...

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Laurie @ said...

SUCH an amazing idea! Will have to remember this!

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